I feel sorry for these people, they do not know how to rejoice – Prytula about the haters of the satellite


I feel sorry for these people, they don't know how to be happy – Prytula about satellite haters< /p>

Up to 8 million Ukrainians joined the collection of funds spent on the acquisition of the ICEYE satellite for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, not everyone was happy about this news and began to hate such a purchase.

Volunteer, head of the “Sergey Prytula Charitable Foundation” Serhiy Pritula told channel 24 what he thinks about the ill-wishers of the “people's satellite”.

Prytula is sure that the critics of the project were unfairly looking for treason and ” doomed to marginalization”.

Someone suddenly comes out and starts manipulating some data, looking for betrayal where it is not necessary. I feel sorry for these people as a human being, they do not know how to rejoice in common successes, they want to rejoice only in their own, – said Prytula.

The volunteer added that the financial side of the agreement on the acquisition of the ICEYE satellite was provided by 7 to 8 million Ukrainians. According to him, one transaction can involve several people or a large company with even more philanthropists.

In addition, Prytula announced new charitable projects in which Ukrainians can take part.

< p>“We will continue to unite people, the country and society. We will propose some projects where every Ukrainian will feel his involvement and his contribution to our future victory. Perhaps this is what we need to do now, and not try to separate society again,” – the volunteer summed up.

“People's Sputnik”: what is known

  • On August 18, it became known that the Serhiy Prytula Foundation bought a satellite with the money raised during the “People's Bayraktar” campaign.
  • For 600 million hryvnias raised by Ukrainians, volunteers leased a satellite (the amount of the deal is not finally known) to ICEYE, along with access to a database of satellite images for more than a year.
  • satellite allows Ukraine to receive exclusive images continuously 24/7. At the same time, it does not matter what time of day and what weather conditions.
  • Subsequently, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine used a picture of the Crimean bridge taken with the help of the Ukrainian “people's” satellite ICEY to control Russian propagandists. In addition, the Russians were reminded in a delicate manner whose peninsula actually belongs.

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