I have no doubt that Ukraine will receive Leopard – Kuleba after a visit to Kharkiv Burbock


I have no doubt that Ukraine will receive Leopard - Kuleba after a visit to Kharkiv Burbock

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany Annalena Burbock arrived in Kharkiv. After that, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba noted that he had no doubt that Ukraine would receive Leopard tanks.

Kuleba said that on January 10, Burbock saw with her own eyes the bombed-out Saltovka, the school where children learned German was half-destroyed in the battle with the Russian DRG, the building of the Kharkiv Regional Military District and the energy infrastructure were destroyed by missiles, Kharkiv buildings were injured and the inflexibility of Kharkiv residents.

Kuleba spoke about Burbock's visit

The head of the Foreign Ministry noted that his German counterpart was the first foreign minister of foreign affairs whom he brought to Kharkiv after February 24.

I am sure that this visit will resonate not only in Ukraine and Germany, but also in Europe and the world. Our negotiations on the way lasted three hours – under other circumstances, the ministers usually do not talk so much, – Kuleba noted.

The ministers discussed in detail:

  • peace formula,
  • sanctions,
  • tribunal,
  • European integration
  • weapon.

Decisions are already being made. The Foreign Minister added that every minute during the visit they were invisibly accompanied by the theme of “Leopards”.

“I explained to my colleague and the German media that German tanks are not our whim and we don’t need them for walking,” Kuleba said.

According to him, Ukraine needs tanks to:

  • liberate Ukrainian cities and villages still under Russian occupation;
  • save them from the destruction that Burbock saw in Kharkov today;
  • protect our energy infrastructure and save Ukrainians from Russian crimes.

That's why we need German tanks. I have no doubt that Ukraine will receive German Leopard tanks. Moreover, I think that the German government, somewhere in the depths of its soul, already understands that this decision will be made. The only sad thing is that this decision has not yet been made and therefore we are wasting precious time and life. – stressed the head of the Foreign Ministry.

At the same time, Kuleba is grateful to the German government for all the decisions that have been made over the past 11 months to provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons.

“I am especially grateful to Annalena for her important role in this. The last big decision remains – to provide German tanks. The sooner it is made, the sooner this war will end with the victory of Ukraine. And there will be no war in Europe,” the minister summed up.

Note! Ukraine can get tanks from other allies. In particular, on January 7, the media reported that German Leopards would be transferred to Ukraine. Poland and Finland are planning. In Poland, they said that they could transfer several dozen tanks to Ukraine. On January 9, President Andrzej Duda gathered the National Security and Defense Council, where they discussed the war in Ukraine

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