“I killed a woman, and the guys praised”: a Russian tells his sister about his crimes in Ukraine


a Russian confesses to the murders/Channel 24 collage

Russians in telephone conversations talk about the war to relatives. They admit that they are killing Ukrainians.

The Main Directorate of Intelligence under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine continues to intercept the phone conversations of the invaders. A recently published entry says that the kafir destroys unarmed people who ask not to kill them.

The enemy says that he is now in the ranks of the artillery, since the battalion with which he broke into Ukraine is almost destroyed. In particular, 15 out of 300 soldiers remained. The invader also said that they burned 50 tanks in one night.

a mine landed on three of them,” the occupier said.

The conversation of a Russian assassin was intercepted: watch the video

Confessed to killing Ukrainians

The captor's sister's name is Natasha. He tells her that he killed a woman. I couldn't sleep after that.

I killed a woman. She walked around the village at night, and in the morning we were shot in this village. She gave us the coordinates where we were stationed and they began to smash us with shells. She started to run, and I shot at her. The guys were commended. They said that's the way it should be. He killed, Natasha, I had to kill, I killed, – says the Russian.

In addition, the enemy said about the murder of a man. He did this, despite the pleas of the victim not to shoot.

“Here one asked on his knees that I did not kill, and I shot him,” says the Russian killer.

How Russian relatives react

In another intercepted conversation, a Russian tells his mother that he wants to get away from the fighting, since the command frankly declares that their life is indifferent to everyone. However, the mother does not want to support her son. She stated that karma caught up with him for treason in a past life.

Pay attention – the invaders continue to loot: watch the video

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