I managed to send a touching SMS to my wife: a soldier from the Vinnitsa region died near Bakhmut


I managed to send a touching SMS to my wife: a soldier from the Vinnitsa region died near Bakhmut

In the battles for Bakhmut, Ukrainian defender Ivan Lishchinsky died. The whole village came out to say goodbye to the warrior and take him on his last journey.

Before the assault, Ivan managed to send a touching SMS to his wife and said that everything was fine with him.

What is known about defender Ivan Lishchinsky

He was mobilized on November 9, 2022. At the front, he was a gunner of the 3rd airmobile squad of the 3rd airmobile platoon of the 9th airmobile company of the 3rd airmobile battalion of military unit A4335. The defender of Ukraine died on March 8, 2023 during the fighting in the Bakhmut area.

Ivan was born on November 28, 1985 in the village of Cherepin, Kyiv region, in a large family. He also had two younger brothers and a sister. Both of his parents died at a young age, leaving Ivan an orphan.

In search of a better fate, Ivan went to the Vinnitsa region, where he met his future wife Natalia with their son Yaroslav. The couple lived together for 16 years, 7 of them in the village of Pridnestryanskoye.

Ivan's fellow villagers speak of him as a good, sensitive and good family man. Neighbors say that he got along well with his grandchildren, taught them humanity and kindness. Also, the man never complained about life and service and was sure that Ukraine would win.

In recent days, Ivan Lishchinsky was under heavy shelling. Before the assault, he wrote a short SMS message to his wife Natalie: “Thank you. Everything is ok with me. Kisses …”.

The defender was buried on March 13

The hero was held on March 13 in the village of Pridnestryanskoye, Yampolsky territorial community of the Vinnitsa region, where he lived. The whole village turned out to say goodbye to the warrior. Also, his brothers came to say goodbye.

The wife of the fallen Natalia was presented with the Flag of Ukraine and a Letter of Honor and Sorrow signed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny.

In the Vinnitsa region, they said goodbye to the defender Ivan Lishchinsky: photo “Yampolsky messenger”

24 The channel expresses condolences to the relatives and brothers of the deceased. Everlasting memory.

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