I remember for a lifetime – “Bird” about a child from Mariupol, whose mother was torn apart by a shell


I remember for the rest of my life – "Bird" about a child from Mariupol whose mother was torn apart projectile

Azovstal defender with the call sign “Bird” Ekaterina Polishchuk spoke about the conversation with 12- summer girl in Mariupol. The child at that time was injured and underwent surgery.

When the little girl woke up after anesthesia, she immediately began to ask where her mother was. But the baby's mother was no longer alive.

“Bird” spoke about a conversation with a girl in Mariupol

As it turned out, the mother of the wounded girl was torn apart by a Russian shell right in front of the child.

They bring this child. She had surgery on her leg. The hail hurt her leg. Her aunt was with her. I ask where her parents are. The aunt sits in tears and while the child is recovering from anesthesia, she says: “Her mother is my sister. Before her daughter’s eyes, she was torn apart by hail. Just into small particles,” said “Bird”.

According to the defender, when the girl came to her senses, “Bird” had to calm the child down. The baby asked to save everyone from the Russian invaders.

“I remember this for the rest of my life. I say:” Don't worry. I am Ukrainian military. We will protect you. We will never leave you, we will help you.” A 12-year-old child who says: “Where is my mother?”, I reassure him with the words that everything will be fine. And she says to me: “Why did they come here? Why are they killing us? Please save us. We don't want them here.” Hearing this from a child, how can you say that the situation is ambiguous?” – said “Bird”.

“Bird” showed a video with her fiancé who died in the war

Ekaterina Polishchuk with the call sign “Bird” shared her story personal loss. She showed on the video her beloved, who died in the war.

“Bird” passed Mariupol, “Azovstal” and captured. She admitted that the groom showed her what true love, loyalty and twinning are. He was a real warrior, partner and friend.

Ekaterina stressed that the guy did not like it when she cries, so she fights for two.

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