I see that a tin can on chicken legs is riding, – the border guard told how he knocked out an enemy tank


I see a tin can on chicken legs, – the border guard told how he knocked out an enemy tank

The border guard told how he knocked out an enemy tank/Channel 24 collage

The Ukrainian military inflicts huge losses on the invaders every day. So, the border guard with the call sign “Frontier” told how he knocked out a Russian tank.


When the invaders in the tank were approaching, the “Frontier” was in position. He occupied a comfortable position and saw everything that happened, channel 24 writes. >The tank was moving along an asphalt road that went down. I see that this tin on chicken legs is already slipping in. We had one Swedish AT4 grenade launcher, and we took care of it. I did not expect that he could stop the tank,” said the border guard.

However, the grenade launcher hit from a distance of 150-200 meters between the turret and the tank hull. Enemy equipment immediately stopped.

Fellows helped to finish off the Russian tank “Rubezh”. They ran into enemy equipment and began to hit it with Soviet grenade launchers from different sides. The tank caught fire from shelling.

By the way, the T-72 tank arrived in Ukraine from the distant Kemerovo region. According to the border guard, it was quite new, or modernized. Our border guards did not have time to assess the training of the enemy crew – the invaders quickly hurried to the concert in Kobzon.

Border guards destroyed a Russian tank: video

Briefly about the losses of the enemy in Ukraine

As of the morning of July 25, our Armed Forces had already eliminated 39,700 Russian infidels who brazenly came to seize Ukraine with weapons in their hands. Over the past 24 hours alone, enemy troops have lost 180 soldiers, 8 tanks, 4 cruise missiles, 8 armored vehicles, 7 artillery systems and other weapons and equipment.

The Russians suffered the most losses yesterday in the Kramatorsk direction.


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