“I thought it was the end”: the poignant story of saving a mother and daughter during a crash in Brovary


On January 18, Irina Bondarchuk brought her daughter to the kindergarten “Rodnichok” in Brovary. She had just managed to change the child's clothes when a wave of fire burst on the second floor.

Currently, Irina and her daughter Vlada are in the Kiev burn center. The woman said that during the fire, the child's face, arm and leg were injured, and her mother had both legs.

Back to news p class=”bloquote cke-markup”>We came to the kindergarten, and I started to change clothes for Vlad, took off her overalls, shoes, she was already putting on slippers. And then we heard a helicopter. The daughter is afraid of air raid alarms, she immediately asked: “Mom, what is this?” I replied that there was no alarm, these are ours. It buzzed a little and subsided, and then there was such a jerky strange sound and an explosion, – the woman recalls.

After that, Irina saw a large wave of fire. She and her daughter fell to the floor on the floor. The woman's jacket caught fire.

“I thought that was it, this was the end. But it was like some angel lifted me from the floor. I could not figure out how to get out of there, the fire was coming out of the door, everything was there and then I heard the teacher's voice, she was yelling for everyone to go to the emergency exit,” says Irina.

The woman was pushing Power towards the group, because of her it was possible to get out of the burning room. In the locker in the locker room, Vlada had Winnie the Pooh's favorite toy. And the girl kept looking in the direction of the fire and shouting: “Pooh! Pooh!” That's probably why she burned her face.

Miraculously managed to escape

When mother and daughter went downstairs, they saw the teacher, she was covered in blood. Then they ran to the fence, there were people who helped Vlada get over, because the mother could no longer lift the child.

Irina hardly remembers how she herself managed to overcome this fence, scratching all her legs.

Vlada's mother recalls that then it seemed to her that a rocket had hit the garden. She didn't know where to run, suddenly the arrivals would start again.

The woman found her phone with difficulty and dialed the man. She recalls how some man put us in his own car and took us to the ambulance.

He drove all the way and honked, so thanks to him we got to the hospital first. I don’t remember either his face or the car itself, but I am very grateful to him for this,” Irina said.

What is the state of mother and daughter

Following them, a woman was brought to the hospital, whose hair was burned, there were burns on her hands, Irina notes. “She was just lying, and it was not clear what was happening to her, perhaps it was a shock. Then other children with their parents began to arrive. They bandaged us there, and my husband and I went to the burn center,” says Vlada’s mother.

< p> Now mother and daughter are in the center, the girl has burns on her face, arms and legs, mother has burns on both legs, including deep ones. While doctors are monitoring the skin, a transplant may be needed.

What is known about the plane crash in Brovary

  • January 18 near a kindergarten in Brovary, the State Emergency Service helicopter fell. The leaders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were on board the helicopter. They were going on a business trip to one of the hot spots.
  • Due to a helicopter crash, a strong fire broke out in a kindergarten. As a result of the disaster, 14 people died, including one child. 25 people were injured, including 11 children.
  • Minister of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky, his first deputy Yevgeny Yenin and State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Lubkovich died in a plane crash
  • The circumstances of the tragedy are being investigated. The SBU launched an investigation. The investigation considers three versions: violation of flight rules; helicopter malfunction; deliberate action to destroy a helicopter.

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