“I urge you to seriously think about the need for this”: Estonia warns against traveling to Russia

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Provocations against Estonian citizens are not ruled out in the country.< /strong>

Due to the aggressive anti-Estonian rhetoric from the Russian Federation that has significantly increased in recent days, Estonia has called on compatriots to refuse to travel to Russia.

Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsal commented on increased aggressive rhetoric against Estonia by the Russian Federation.

“I repeat the warning of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia to avoid any trips to Russian territory. If you are in Russia for a short trip, I urge you to seriously consider the need to stay Russia is a country waging war against Ukraine, and provocations are not ruled out against Estonian citizens,” Reinsal said.

As reported, Estonia also proposes to completely ban Russian citizens from entering the European Union. According to the Estonian proposal, the eighth package of European Union sanctions against Russia should include a comprehensive energy embargo.

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