I went to the bathroom and did not close the window: in Poland, a small child died due to the inattention of an aunt

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I went to the bathroom and did not close the window: a small child died in Poland due to the inattention of my aunt

In Poland, a 23-year-old Ukrainian woman , who looked after the child, is accused of not looking after the baby and he crashed to death, falling from the ninth floor.

The tragic incident occurred in Warsaw hotel.

This is reported by Wyborcza.pl.

The mother of the child, a citizen of Ukraine, worked at the hotel. The woman left her daughter under the supervision of the girl's 23-year-old aunt. “Nanny” went to the bathroom, leaving the window in the room unlocked – the girl, who was not two years old, fell out. Both women were sober.

A 23-year-old Ukrainian woman was charged under an article on causing immediate danger. The suspect faces up to five years in prison.

Now she is under police surveillance, she is forbidden to leave Poland.

Recall, a woman fell out of a window on the 9th floor in Lviv.


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