I went to write complaints: the leader of the Council of Mothers and Wives of Russia was not allowed into Moscow


I went to write complaints: the leader of the

The leader of the Council of Mothers and Wives, Olga Tsukanova, was detained on January 23 in Samara. Subsequently, she was released from the police, but she was not allowed to fly to Moscow.

The woman was issued a summons to the investigator in the case of discrediting the Russian army. Tsukanova said that she spent three hours in the department, the police insulted her and took away her phone.

Tsukanova had to file hundreds of complaints from military relatives

She was reportedly taken from the police station to the hospital. She also said that she had “more than 700 statements from missing mothers of prisoners of war, as well as conscripts”, which they were going to submit on January 23 to the military prosecutor's office and the prosecutor general's office in Moscow, but “they are not allowed out of the Samara region.”< /p>

Tsukanova was handed a summons to the police on January 23. Before the release, dozens of people stood near the police station and demanded to let the lawyer Tsukanov in.

The Russian woman was supposed to fly from Samara to Moscow on Sunday, where she was going to contact law enforcement agencies in connection with the fate of prisoners, conscripts and missing persons on war in Ukraine.

Note.Members of the “Council of Mothers and Wives” union do not express their anti-war position. Mostly they talk about numerous violations against Russian conscripts: about sending untrained conscripts and conscripts to the front line, interruptions in supplies and equipment, as well as problems with housing and food.

Preliminary detentions of a Russian woman

  • In December, in the Samara region, the police stopped the car in which the activist Tsukanova was located. She, along with another mother of a Russian serviceman, was traveling to Moscow.
  • She said that at first they checked their documents, then they began to search the car. They were told that they could be transporting drugs.
  • The policemen told them to follow them to the department to have a conversation. They did not give reasons for the detention. They just said it was an order from the management. Tsukanova and his companion were taken to the department, where they were forbidden to film.
  • A protocol was drawn up against them and another detainee and subsequently decided to release.

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