Identified the danger of storing personal data on a work computer

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Identified the danger of storing personal data on a work computer

Anastasia Ilyicheva, a tester of the Gem4me messenger, told why it is dangerous to store personal data on a work computer. The expert named the possible negative consequences of

According to Ilyicheva, cybercriminals often use company employees by installing viruses on their work computers via mail services and external media.

“Infection is possible even when using popular office applications, for example, MS Word, Excel, Acrobat Reader, and so on,” the specialist noted. She added that an employee can also mistakenly forward personal information to business partners or management. “If there is no such personal information in the working PC, then mistakes are excluded,” the expert explained.

Ilyicheva advised office workers to get all the necessary information from a smartphone instead of downloading it to a work PC. Otherwise, personal files can serve as a tool for leaking company data, even without the knowledge of the employee himself.

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