IDPs from Mariupol in Lviv sang a modern carol: Sadovy shared a touching video


Immigrants from Mariupol sang a modern carol in Lviv: Sadovy shared a touching video

On Sunday, January 22, Ukraine celebrates Unity Day. On this occasion, immigrants from Mariupol visited the city council of Lviv to carol.

Among the carolers there were women, men and even kids who stubbornly played the tambourine. Mariupol residents sang a modern carol about Kramatorsk, Lisichansk, Bakhmut and Donetsk.

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Culture Wall Destroyed

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi noted that 10 years ago this would have been hard to imagine. They constantly tried to divide Ukraine, because the Ukrainians were allegedly too different.

And you see how it turned out. Understood. We found common goals and dreams. The last cultural wall that passed through our heads was overthrown forever, Sadovy notes.

He also stressed that modern history is written with the blood and sweat of young Ukrainian heroes. Despite everything, this is the common history of all Ukrainians, which no one can change.

A touching carol from the people of Mariupol: watch the video

The President congratulated the Ukrainians on the Day of Unity

The Head of State stressed that if the struggle is not stopped, then a single and independent state will be restored. If true unity is not achieved, then independence will be lost.

February 24 has become a new Day of Unity for Ukrainians. Zelensky noted that on this day, not only the two banks united, but the whole people united.

Fighters from all over Ukraine courageously defend every corner of their native land. Every conscious citizen, no matter where he was born, is now defending his Donbass, his Galicia, his Slobozhanshchina and his Crimea. The head of state assured that together we will defend Ukraine and defeat the enemy.

“The only one, because it is strong. Strong, because it is the only one,” the President summed up.

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