If a woman voluntarily becomes a military register: does this mean a ban on traveling abroad


If a woman voluntarily registers with the military: does this mean a ban on traveling abroad< /p>

In 2022, during martial law in Ukraine, only female doctors can be mobilized for service. The rest of the women can go to serve voluntarily.

In this regard, Ukrainians have many questions, because men, with certain exceptions, are mostly prohibited from traveling abroad. Is it possible for women liable for military service to cross the border of Ukraine, MP Roksolana Podlasa said.The deputy immediately stressed that military registration for women doctors, pharmacists and those who voluntarily registered with another specialty does not mean a ban on leaving the country. This, in particular, is regulated by the rules for crossing the state border approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to these rules, with certain exceptions, persons liable for military service may cross the state border during martial law if they are not subject to conscription during general mobilization. And according to the plan of the General Staff of Ukraine for mobilization, the conscription of women during the general mobilization is not provided.

Therefore, it is not worth worrying about whether you can cross the state border, even if you must be registered, Roksolana Pidlassa confirmed.

What else did the deputy emphasize] h2>

Roksolana Pidlassa also drew attention to the fact that the military registration of women has been in force since 1994. According to it, there was a whole list of specialties for which women of certain professions were required to be registered with the military. In addition to doctors, it included:

  • telephone operators,
  • radio operators,
  • telegraph operators,
  • topogeodesists,
  • meteorological observers,
  • computer operators, etc.

However, in June 2022 years, this voluminous list of specialties was reduced only to doctors and pharmacists. However, despite this, from the beginning of a full-scale war until June, not a single Ukrainian woman who was registered had problems crossing the border of Ukraine.

Military registration of women: what is known

  • Deputy Minister of Defense Anna Malyar noted that today there is no urgent need in the state to significantly increase the number of women on military records. So women can go to serve of their own free will.
  • The government said that from October 1, Ukrainian women in certain professions will need to be registered in the military. However, on October 2, the mobilization of women was postponed for a year.
  • In addition, the government determined that the conscription for women will be voluntary, but mandatory for medical doctors.

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