If there is a war, the entire world community will lose – Zelensky on the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

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Если будет война, проиграет все мировое сообщество — Зеленский о последствиях вторжения РФ в Украину

If Ukraine is left alone in such a situation, it will be a mistake of the whole world, Zelensky is sure.

President Vladimir Zelensky believes that because of the possible invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the entire world community is losing. He warned Europe that it would be a powerful war in which many lives would be lost.

The head of state stated this in an interview with the American edition of The Washington Post.

“If we have to defend ourselves against one of the most powerful armies in the world, it will be a war. And it will be a very powerful war, and everyone will lose. Hundreds of thousands of lives will be lost. Ukraine will suffer, Russia will suffer, European countries, countries neighboring Ukraine will suffer; those who are further away will be affected by the migration crisis,” Vladimir Zelensky said.

He noted that if Ukraine remains alone in such a situation, it will be a mistake of the whole world.

Earlier, in an interview, Vladimir Zelensky said that in the event of an invasion, Russia could occupy Kharkiv. And this will be the “beginning of a large-scale invasion.”

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