If Western help arrives in time, Ukraine will be able to switch from defense to offensive, – Arestovich


If Western help comes in time, Ukraine will be able to switch from defense to offensive, – Arestovich

Ukrainian Armed Forces/Illustrative photo/cenzor.net

Russian propagandists invent stories about the destruction of Ukrainian equipment. In fact, our Armed Forces of Ukraine destroy enemies every day, and if weapons arrive from the West, then Ukraine will be able to go on the offensive.

This opinion was expressed by Aleksey Arestovich, Advisor to the Head of the President's Office, in the comments to Channel 9 , broadcasts on Channel 24.

Russians cannot be trusted

Arestovich stressed that Russian data shows that they have destroyed 1,300 tanks or even more in our country. But there is one caveat – we only had 800 tanks.

“Therefore, one should treat Russian data in the same way as the data of Soviet agitprop, when Stalin was informed that in the battle 1,200 self-propelled guns were destroyed for the Kursk Bulge, although there were about 190 in total,” the adviser to the head of the Presidential Administration recalled.

In addition, as Arestovich says, in the Russian Federation “the Ukrainian aviation is repeatedly destroyed,” which even tonight (April 12 – ed.) Continued strikes on Russian troops. Therefore, these figures cannot be taken seriously.

Why does Ukraine not make public the losses? According to Arestovich, Ukraine does not name the losses of our army so as not to help the enemy. But after the war, everyone will be named down to soldiers and pieces of equipment.

“If help from the West comes, Ukraine will be able to go on the offensive”

Advisor to the head The OP assured that in the near future the fate of the battle in the East of Ukraine will show what is enough for our country and what is not.

And if Western help arrives, there is no doubt then the situation may completely turn upside down to the point that we will switch from defense to offensive,” Arestovich said.

By the way, the head of the Presidential Office, Andriy Yermak, said that Ukraine would receive more weapons. We are talking about supplies from EU countries. According to him, the European Union has accelerated, but we need to work even faster.

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