Ignored Putin's invitation: China did not confirm Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow


Ignored Putin's invitation: China did not confirm Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow

The Kremlin claims to have built a close relationship with Beijing. However, for some reason, Chinese leader Xi Jinping decided not to immediately accept Russian dictator Putin's offer to visit Moscow. At the same time, Chinese officials are ignoring questions from the media about this.

Not so long ago, Vladimir Putin spoke via video link with the head of the Chinese Communist Party and even invited him to visit him in the spring of 2023. Soon, the PRC gave a very streamlined answer to the question about Xi Jinping's visit to Russia, without confirming it.

“We're friends”, but we don't go to Gotha

Actually, at the briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning gave a very strange answer to a media question regarding Putin's proposal. For some reason, the speaker decided not to say anything directly, but described the relations between Moscow and Beijing in a very general way and remembered the “friendship” between the countries.

As all-round strategic coordination partners, we are committed to building a new type of relationship with big countries based on mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

It is unlikely, of course, that this answer suited the Kremlin, however, as you know, hope dies last. Beijing may pardon its Russian “colleagues”, although Xi Jinping is unlikely to want to personally meet with dictator Putin.

Obviously China is using Russia

In general, it should be said that the “friendship” between these two countries is really very interesting, because the words of Chinese officials sound more like pragmatic intentions “to have a challenge from any situation” than from a sincere desire to help Moscow.

In the new year, the parties will strengthen exchanges at all levels and continue to promote the development of bilateral relations. Mao Ning said at the briefing.

In fact, Russia is becoming increasingly dependent on China, and not vice versa. In this, in particular, the expert Valery Klochko is sure. In addition, he spoke about the consequences of cooperation between Moscow and Beijing. According to him, this could become an obstacle on China's path to building close relations with the West.

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