III level of danger in the North and lack of precipitation: weather forecast in Ukraine for January 24


III level of danger in the North and no precipitation: weather forecast in Ukraine for January 24

The weather in Ukraine on Tuesday, January 24 will be cloudy, but clearings are expected in some regions. Forecasters also warn people about dangerous hydrological phenomena in the North and North-West of our state.

The whole week will be frosty, in addition, one should be wary of dangerous natural phenomena, which, in particular, will Tuesday, January 24, in certain areas. Meteorologists do not predict precipitation throughout the territory.

What will the weather be like by regions

Actually, the residents of the North and North West of our state should be the most careful – we are talking about Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Sumy and partially Kyiv, Ternopil and Khmelnytsky regions. It is in these areas that the water level may rise:

  • from January 23 to January 26, the section of the Upper Dnieper within Ukraine – which is in the Chernihiv region of the Chernihiv region – will contain significant flooding of the floodplain; meteorologists also warn of danger level II and disruption of transport links with individual riverside villages along the Upper Dnieper and flooding of residential buildings in a number of villages in this region;
  • in the same period of time on the section of the Desna Novgorod-Seversky – Makoshino there will be a gradual increase in water levels from 2 to 8 centimeters per day; an increase in floodplain flooding and disruption of transport links with settlements along the Desna is expected; at the same time, the tributary of the Snov will contain an excess of a dangerous level of water overflow through a local highway in the Koryukovsky district of the Chernihiv region – this is the II level of danger;
  • but from January 24 to 26, on such rivers as the Pripyat, Vyzhovka and Stokhid within the Volyn region, the rise in water levels will continue with an intensity of 1 to 5 centimeters per day. It is possible that certain household plots and agricultural lands will be flooded in the riverside villages of Kamen-Kashyrsky and Kovelsky districts – this is the I level of danger. >

    Besides, in theWest,South and Center of our state, precipitation is not expected. The temperature promises to be positive, at a time when in the East the thermometer marks will drop slightly below zero.

    In the city Kyivit will be cloudy, but with clearings, the wind will blow northeast at a speed of 5 to 10 meters per second.

    Weather for cities

    • Kyiv – 0…+2
    • Uzhgorod – +6…+8
    • Lviv – +2…+4
    • Ivano-Frankivsk – +1…+3
    • Ternopil – +1…+3
    • Chernivtsi – +1…+3
    • Khmelnitsky – +1…+3
    • li>

    • Lutsk – +2…+4
    • Rivne – +1…+3
    • Zhytomyr – +1…+3
    • Vinnitsa – +2…+4
    • Odessa – +1…+3
    • Nikolaev – +2…+4
    • Kherson – +2…+4
    • Simferopol – +5…+7
    • Kropyvnytskyi – +1…+3
    • Cherkassy – +1…+3
    • Chernihiv – +1…+3
    • Sumy – +1…+3
    • Poltava – + 1…+3
    • Dnipro – +1…+3
    • Zaporozhye – +1…+3
    • Donetsk – -4. ..-2
    • Lugansk – -1…+1
    • Kharkiv – 0…+2

    Weather in Ukraine on January 23/Map of Ukrhydrometeorological center

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