I'll dot all the i's, Podolyak spoke about the evacuation from Mariupol and Azovstal


I'll dot the i's, - Podolyak spoke about the evacuation from Mariupol and Azovstal

Podolyak about saving the defenders of Mariupol/collage of channel 24 . Turkey is actively offering its assistance.

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak said this, Channel 24 reports.

“I will dot all the 'and' so that everything is clear. I recommend that we do not comment on these topics very actively, because there are negotiations with the Russian side. Regarding not only Azovstal, but in general everything that happens in Mariupol. It's all very difficult , so every word must be careful not to destroy the fragile agreements that we already have,” the adviser said.

Russia reacts painfully to Mariupol

According to the adviser, it is important for Ukraine to take away all its own and civilian defenders. It is also about people who generally remained in Mariupol.

Of course, there are negotiations about this. For Russians, it is a key symbol of Ukrainian resistance. They are sensitive to everything that concerns Mariupol,” Podolyak said.

If there is any humanity left

The adviser added that Ukraine welcomes all mediators in the negotiations. He noted that Turkey is actively helping to come to a decision on the extradition formula, when a third country takes people and they thus avoid all the bad procedures that the enemy is preparing.

“But there is one nuance and it is called Russia. It does not make concessions. We say that when they want at least some reputation in the world, they must take at least some steps. For example, give people to us and Turkey,” Podolyak said.

< p dir="ltr"> He believes that this will be just one of the humanitarian steps that will say that there is at least some hope for Russia. Podolyak stressed that it is necessary to be very careful with everything. Nevertheless, he is confident that the result of the negotiations will be.

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