Illegal crossing of the border: completed the investigation of Yanukovych and his bodyguard


Illegal crossing of the border: completed the investigation into Yanukovych and his bodyguard

Completed the investigation into Yanukovych and his bodyguard/Channel 24

< strong _ngcontent-sc107="">Fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych and his head of security Konstantin Kobzar will face trial. The investigation into the case of their crossing the border was completed.

An indictment was sent to the court for desertion, as well as illegal border crossing.

Yanukovych's flight: what the investigation found out

On the night of February 23, 2014, Yanukovych and his bodyguards were in the area of ​​the village of Urzuf, Donetsk region. Three helicopters of the Russian army illegally transported at least 20 people across the state border of Ukraine.

The next day, February 24, Yanukovych decided to completely hide from Ukraine. He was on the territory of one of the military units of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia in Sevastopol.

Desertion of the guards

Then the president persuaded the head of his guard Konstantin Kobzar to desert. He also incited other members of the UGO. The head of security evaded military service. With the assistance of Russian security officials, Kobzar, Yanukovych and several other people fled to Russia on a sea vessel.

The pre-trial investigation was carried out by employees of the State Bureau of Investigation for the procedural guidance of the Office of the Prosecutor General.

Pay attention!

strong> The DBR reminded that they are collecting evidence in order to prosecute them for committing crimes against participants in the Revolution of Dignity. These cases are still being investigated.

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