“I'm a chorus girl”: Putin was embarrassed at a meeting with the oligarchs, quoting a ditty about Lenin


Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with the oligarchs, could not restrain himself and quoted the propaganda frequent of the Soviet leader Lenin. It turned out that he was a “chorus girl”.

Russian propagandists asked the dictator about the introduction of advertising technologies for business development. To this, Putin suddenly started quoting Soviet propaganda about the “chorus girl.” Even the Russian media write about this, and the funny video is already circulating on the net.

When the words are over, change tactics: the dictator has issued a new idea

When Putin was asked questions by his own journalists, he said that he did not understand what he meant. And he could not restrain himself from quoting a frequent one about the Soviet leader Lenin.

I'm a chorus girl, I dance and sing. I don’t know Lenin, but I love him,” Putin said.

The dictator added: “I don't understand what you're talking about, but I support you.” Such is it, modern Russian technology for business development.

Insanity grew stronger: Putin announced a crop failure in the West

By the way, at the congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Russian dictator said that “in the near future, residents of European countries will have to travel to Russia and buy turnips there.” They say that the yield in Russia “significantly exceeds European indicators.”

He also said that “the goods will go” from Russia, despite the full-scale invasion of Ukraine and sanctions. And, of course, there were fairy tales that the economy of the aggressor country is stable.

Let us note that Russian propagandists are actively spreading the tales of “famine in Europe”. In particular, Skabeeva was noted for her statement that the British would eat wild squirrels.

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