I'm afraid that after the victory, the West will want to retrain, not punish Russia – Podolyak


I'm afraid that after the victory the West will want to retrain rather than punish Russia – Podolyak

The Western world can dream of making Russia civilized and teaching democracy after victory. Careful documentation of the crimes of infidels can protect us from problems in the future.

This opinion was expressed by the volunteer, coordinator of the Serhiy Prytula Foundation Melania Podolyak on the air on Channel 24 .

In her opinion, the current attempt to seize Ukraine and destroy the Ukrainians is distinguished from the previous ones by a large number of photos and videos. The Russian-Ukrainian war is the most media and documented war in the history of the world.

Never before in any armed conflict has there been so much evidence, audiovisual materials, witnesses and so on. This saved us in its own way and it will help us in the future, the volunteer is convinced.

They will try to re-educate Russia

Podolyak believes that, thanks to the evidence, it will no longer be possible to write this war into history as a civil war or some kind of misunderstanding between two fraternal peoples. Ukrainians have terabytes of evidence that Ukrainians don't want to be with Russians, occupiers are doing terrible things, and the goal of the war is to destroy Ukrainians.

“This can save us in its own way. However, I am scratched by the thought that the Western world dreams of victory over Russia differently than we do. They dream of making it more civilized, taking it under its wing and teaching democracy,” the volunteer said.

According to the coordinator of the Foundation Sergei Prytula, when we win and it comes down to what to do with Russia, there may be cases when the civilized world will try to re-educate Russia. Do not punish her, do not set an example that such regimes will be held accountable, but will try to retrain her.

They will be given grants for the development of democracy, police reform, court reform, and anti-corruption agencies. It's all possible. We need to have some kind of strategy for this case, the volunteer is convinced.

They will try to re-educate Russia: watch the video

Evidence will save us

Melaniya Podolyak hopes that all the materials and interviews that we provide to Western partners will protect us from a repetition of Russian aggression in the future.

“We need to fix our position even more clearly, what it is now – anti-Russian, pro-Ukrainian. Because there can be no talk of concessions, agreements, a common future. And this should be our doctrine,” the volunteer summed up.

What awaits Russia in the future

  • According to Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, in the near future Russia will tell some ancient fairy tales and walking in bast shoes. Such perceptions are the only thing that Russia will be able to sell on the global market.
  • Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that the West has 4 scenarios for the future of Russia: show Russia in its place; “reboot” Putin; reboot the Russian system and mode; liquidation of today's Russia
  • Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that earlier the topic of Russia's future was taboo in the West. On the sidelines, they discuss what will happen to Russia, what it will be like in terms of geography, army, possession of nuclear weapons.

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