IMF suspended aid to Afghanistan

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IMF suspended aid to Afghanistan

IMF suspended aid to Afghanistan

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said it was suspending aid to Afghanistan due to the lack of clarity on the status of the government.

“At present, there is no clear understanding in the international community regarding the recognition of the Afghan government, as a result of which the country cannot have access to special drawing rights and other IMF resources,” the RIA Novosti Foundation said.

The IMF was supposed to transfer about $ 400 million in aid to the country next week.

The international community did not recognize the Taliban movement, banned in Russia, as the legitimate leadership of Afghanistan.

Let us remind you that in early August the situation in Afghanistan worsened. Then the Taliban stepped up their offensive against government forces. Late last week, militants entered the capital and took control of the presidential palace. The head of state, Ashraf Ghani, left Afghanistan, citing a desire to “prevent the massacre.” Later, he promised to return to the country soon. The Taliban have declared the end of the war in Afghanistan over. Local residents began to leave Kabul in droves for fear of violence.

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