Immunologist named a way to stop COVID-19 mutations in Russia

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Immunologist named a way to stop COVID-19 mutations in Russia

Only vaccination will help prevent the emergence of the “Russian strain” and stop the mutations of the virus in the country, said Vladislav Zhemchugov, an expert on especially dangerous infections, an immunologist. His words are transmitted by Radio Sputnik.

The emergence of a new strain of the virus can occur anywhere, Zhemchugov said.

In order to avoid the appearance of a mutation in Russia, it is necessary to reduce the number of the virus in the country, since the larger the virus, the greater the likelihood of mutation, the doctor explained.

He recalled that the emergence of the Delta virus in India was facilitated by an increase in the number of infected.

“We need to quickly get vaccinated on a massive scale in order to stop the virus from multiplying,” said the immunologist.

A new strain of coronavirus – “delta” – was identified in India in October 2020. Since then, it has been found all over the world. On June 20, there were reports of a mutation of this strain, which was named “delta plus”. The WHO allowed a lockdown due to the Indian strain of COVID-19.


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