Immunologist: Russia is threatened by a new and more infectious strain of COVID-19

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Immunologist: Russia is threatened by a new and more infectious strain of COVID-19

The Peruvian strain of the coronavirus “Lamda”, which is already circulating in South America, may come to Russia. This was reported to by an immunologist, general director of the contract research company “KEG”, Candidate of Medical Sciences Nikolai Kryuchkov.

He said that the strain was found in Peru in December 2020. It is already common in South America and is present in Europe. According to the immunologist, when the strain appears in Russia is a matter of time. Most likely, it already exists on the territory of the Russian Federation, Kryuchkov believes.

According to the immunologist, the Lyamda strain may turn out to be more infectious and press the Gamma line in Russia.

“According to surveillance data, by mid-June, more than 90% of cases of Delta-line infection were registered in large cities of Russia, Gamma is unlikely to be a serious competitor, rather, the Lamda strain will be able to bite off its piece if it gets enough to Russia “, – added Kryuchkov.

According to the epidemiologist Eduard Shunkov, any new strain registered in the world can appear in Russia, but it should come in a weakened form, since each strain becomes less dangerous over time.

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