In 1941, infection occurred: the virus was transmitted


It happened in 1941 infection: the virus was transmitted

Russia is infected with Nazism/The Kremlin .

Strange question

Moscow, the driver suddenly asks me: “Olesya, we have a dilemma in our family. My wife thinks that everything will only get worse in Russia “, and you have to leave to live in Europe, for example, in Germany. But I don’t think so, I want to live in Russia. And the Nazis were there in Germany. What do you think, should I leave or not?”.

Weird question to say the least. I then (realizing the initial provocativeness and trick) said that I am sure that you yourself will find a solution. Although, of course, I wanted to answer differently.

After all, what happened?

At the first stage, it was significant how the winners and losers disposed of victory and defeat.

 In 1941, infection occurred: the virus was transmitted

And here I often quote the “postal action” of the Masoch Foundation on May 8, 1995 – 5500 postcards with the inscription “Happy Victory Day, sir Müller!”, when postcards were sent to the owners of the most common and iconic German surname living in Berlin.

This action was an act of demonstrating who and how disposed of their victory and defeat in World War II, including at the social level standards and living standards of citizens.

At the second stage, Russia became the successor of aggression already in the 21st century.

And I just remembered this driver's question about Russia and Germany. Well, exactly in 1941 there was an infection. The virus has been transmitted.

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