“In a psychiatric hospital by pull”: in the occupied Donetsk, men are trying to avoid participating in the war


“To a psychiatric hospital through ties”: in occupied Donetsk, men seek opportunities to avoid participation/Channel 24 collage

The high command of the Russian army sends entire units to fields unprepared for defense. Therefore, since the beginning of the war, the invaders have been forced to dig trenches on their own. Most of them are already fed up with this and have begun to rebel against their superiors.

This is evidenced by a new interception of a conversation between a Russian army soldier and his parents. It is interesting that the occupier himself is from Donetsk and was in the Kherson region at the time of the phone call.Conversing with his father, the invader Andrei from the Donetsk region notes that the declared term of service of 90 days is no longer valid. The soldiers are forced to serve at the front until the end of the special operation and another 2 months. After the man gives the pipe to his mother, the kafir asks her to make a certificate that he is hypertensive. Thus, he seeks to evade further service.

Mom says that in one of the units where their mutual friend serves, 400 people handed over their weapons. They were delivered to Donetsk. Treating them as “dissidents and revolutionaries”. The acquaintance himself during the service has changed beyond recognition – he has lost weight twice, a beard has grown. He told his relatives that he would no longer join the army, they, in turn, “out of favor” registered him “in a sanatorium” in order to avoid charges of desertion.

. So that when he is discharged, he could drive a car and work,” the woman says.

She adds that, according to another friend, they could be sent to the first department and diagnosed with schizophrenia. However, so far everything has managed the hospital.

“In a psychiatric hospital by pull”: new interception of conversations of one of the invaders

According to the “mobilized”, there are no rules at all in their unit. And, despite great pressure, the number of those who refuse to fight against Ukraine in the so-called “DPR” is increasing.

Russians Refusing to Fight: Briefly

  • As early as February 26, it became known that mass desertion was observed among the Russian occupiers and the facts of the refusal of Russian soldiers to comply with the criminal instructions of the Kremlin command were becoming more frequent. In response to this, the Russian authorities started talking about the death penalty.
  • In the first days of a full-scale war, the SBU reported that 600 marines mutinied near Odessa and did not leave the ship so as not to fight against Ukraine.
  • In April, more than 100 invaders decided to flee their positions. They threw down their weapons, found civilian clothes, and disappeared into the urban-type settlement of Belozerka.
  • In early May, a whole company of soldiers refused to go to fight in Ukraine. They realized that the chances of not returning from the “special operation” offered to them in the Kremlin are too high.
  • At the same time, the cyber police of Ukraine, together with volunteers, developed a website for Russian occupiers who do not want to fight. The DefenseUa resource will help them find contacts of government organizations and detailed instructions on how to refuse to participate in the bloody war against Ukraine.


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