In addition to nuclear: the new president of the Czech Republic advocates providing Ukraine with all the necessary weapons


Nuclear aside: new Czech president advocates providing Ukraine with all necessary weapons

Newly elected Czech President Petr Pavel takes a clear stance on supporting Ukraine in the war with Russia. According to him, there can be no restrictions for our state.

The newly elected Czech leader stated this during an interview. The former NATO general is convinced that the West should provide Ukraine with all the weapons it needs to fight.

Only without nuclear weapons

Petr Pavel is convinced that in order to fight Russia, Ukraine needs modern Western weapons and there should be no taboos on them, if we are not talking about nuclear weapons.

As for conventional weapons then I really don't see any reason for any restrictions. Ukraine cannot fight such a strong adversary without armored technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles, artillery and long-range missiles, but perhaps without supersonic aircraft, Pavel stressed.

The newly elected Czech leader noted that in some countries the position on providing weapons to Ukraine is rather restrained, but he is convinced that the unified position of the allies on this issue will make it possible to achieve faster success. That is, it will allow Ukraine to win faster.

We must provide Ukraine with all the means to help it oust the Russian army. It is important to show constant support for Ukraine, to emphasize all the good things and the desire to continue our initiative. I think this is what Ukraine needs to hear,” Pavel emphasized.

Ukraine deserves NATO membership

In his first interview after winning the election to the BBC, the new Czech President Petr Pavel said that Ukraine is morally and practically ready to become part of NATO after the end of the war. In addition, our army, according to him, will be experienced in Europe.

Separately, the newly elected President of the Czech Republic stressed that Ukraine deserves membership in the Alliance.

Also, Petr Pavel noted that the issue of wars are now completely in the hands of Russia, because this requires Putin's decision to withdraw troops.

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