In Argentina, piranhas massively attack people: experts explained the reasons

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B Argentina piranhas massively attack people: experts explained the reasons

A total of about 30 people were injured.

In the Argentine river, piranhas attacked 13 -year-old girl. The victim lost her little finger as a result.

The Mirror writes about this.

The girl was hospitalized for an emergency skin graft operation after piranhas bit off her finger on the leg.

Experts say the attack was unexpected at this time of year, attributed to high temperatures and low water levels. It is noted that in total, piranhas attacked more than 30 people in the Parana River in Santa Fe. The footage shows how one of the victims is bleeding from wounds on bandaged legs.

“On Sunday afternoon (November 21), the rescuers on duty fell from their feet, trying to cope with all the people who got bitten. These fish, as a rule, they move in shoals, so we get a lot of simultaneous attacks, “the rescuers said in a message.

Now people have been banned from entering the water and rescuers warn about” attacks “in the river.

“We didn’t expect this to happen even before the beginning of summer … Showers installed on the beach are the best choice,” said Sergio Berardi, a local rescuers union spokesman.

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