In August, residents of St. Petersburg turned to the service

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In August, residents of St. Petersburg turned to the service

Specialists of the 112 Emergency Call Service summed up the results of the past August. Over the past summer month, residents of St. Petersburg have applied for help more than 283 thousand times – this is the number of calls, SMS and messages from the ERA GLONASS information system received by operators.

The relevant data was published on September 6 by the press service of the city committee for informatization and communication. The largest number of applications was recorded on Friday, August 13 (10.4 thousand), and the average daily rate of those who applied for help was 9.1 thousand people.

“Out of the total number of calls received by telephone” 112 “, more than 74 thousand were sent to the ambulance, more than 71 thousand to the police, calls, to the fire and rescue service about 6.6 thousand, calls and more than 1.8 thousand, – to the gas service “, – specified in the relevant department.

More than 15 thousand calls required a comprehensive response and were sent to several emergency services at once. Some of the messages were false or for informational purposes only. There were cases when operators “112” helped the citizens who applied directly.

One August day, a motorist turned to 112 for help, reporting the theft of a car: shortly before calling 112, a man left his vehicle in the parking lot near the business center, and when he went out into the street, the car was gone. After a series of clarifying questions, it turned out that there were several parking lots next to the business center, and all this time the car was in one of them.

Most often, residents of St. Petersburg asked for help after an accident. In August, 112 operators processed more than 16 thousand such requests, 504 of which were received through ERA-GLONASS subscriber terminals installed in their cars. More than 1.6 thousand calls were related to fires.

It is important that the operators of the St. Petersburg Emergency Call Service “112” also accept calls in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. People with hearing and speech problems can ask for help via SMS: as a feedback, the applicant will receive a response message confirming the receipt of information.

Residents of the northern capital can quickly contact the 112 Service using the Safe St. Petersburg mobile application by opening the Emergency Help section. Conveniently, in such messages, you can immediately indicate preliminary information about yourself, the incident and whereabouts.

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