In Belgorod again “alarming”: after the explosions near the thermal power plant and the railway station, something is on fire


In Belgorod again

At night, “cotton” traditionally came to Belgorod. Smoke rose in the area of the thermal power plant and the railway station.

On the night of March 16, local residents of Belgorod again woke up from loud explosions. Local authorities immediately announced the work of air defense, but smoke rose near the thermal power plant and the station. Channel 24 writes about this.

Details of the incident

On the night of March 16 in Belgorod something began to bang again. Local authorities said that air defense forces allegedly shot down 2 missiles.

Meanwhile, a fire broke out near the local thermal power plant and the railway station. Local telegram channels report that the Belgorod station has been cordoned off. The secret services are working there now.

Propaganda publics are already writing that they are collecting debris there. However, where the smoke came from is unknown.

Cotton also bloomed last evening in Belgorod

  • On the evening of March 14, several explosions sounded in Belgorod, which pretty much frightened the locals. Most of them looked like S-300 exits, but one was very powerful and did not look like air defense.
  • The local authorities of the Belgorod region immediately announced that 3 rockets were allegedly shot down in the city.
  • According to him, fragments of rockets hit the housing sector of Belgorod, damage was recorded in several houses. At the same time, one of the streets in the city was blocked – local residents reported that there was an “arrival”. However, its effects are still unknown.

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