In Belgorod, “cotton” again loudly bloomed: the Russians continue to talk about air defense


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In Russian Belgorod, on October 12, new explosions began to be reported. Air defense was probably working there.

This was reported in a number of telegram channels, according to Channel 24 . It should be noted that infidels are shelling the Kharkiv region from there, because it is only 80 kilometers from the regional center to Belgorod.

There was a “pop” in Belgorod

Belgorod explosions began on October 12 for the second time. Around lunchtime, locals said they heard at least 7 “claps”.

There was another “clap” in Belgorod: video

Later, a series of video “claps” in Belgorod. The townspeople were frightened by loud noises and ran away, trying to find shelter.

The “clap” was quite loud:

Despite the fact that Belgorod is constantly shelling Kharkiv region , the Russians for some reason are sure that the “cotton” is the result of an attack on their city.

They prefer not to notice that Russian missiles often decide not to fly towards Ukraine and simply fall in Russia.

This time, the cause of the “pop” was allegedly the operation of air defense systems. Most likely, the Russians shot down their own missiles.

There is no official information on this yet. Therefore, it is not known what actually caused these explosions.

Note that “cotton” is found systematically in Belgorod. In particular, on September 17, the Russians claimed to have heard at least 5 explosions.

Local telegrams also wrote about the work of air defense, and there was a column of smoke over the city.

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