In Berdyansk, Melitopol and other occupied cities, Russians are jamming communications


In Berdyansk, Melitopol and other occupied cities, Russians are jamming communications

Russians are jamming communications in temporarily occupied cities/Unsplash

Russian invaders continue to violate the rights of citizens on the territory of temporarily occupied settlements of the Zaporozhye region. They are actively creating artificial conditions for the development of a humanitarian crisis.

According to the Zaporozhye OVA, infidels prevent the free movement of Ukrainians.

The enemy jams communications

Communication problems began to be fixed in Berdyansk. According to local residents, the Russians are jamming communications throughout almost the entire occupied territory. There are also problems with the Internet.

In Melitopol, according to local reports, the enemy cut off cellular communications, in particular, due to the redeployment of Russian military equipment.

Pay attention! Infidels have already taken about 300 thousand tons of grain from the Zaporozhye region, and from the Luhansk region – more than 100 thousand tons. Residents of Kherson and Donetsk regions also reported theft of food, grain and agricultural equipment. The robbery of the Melitopol region continues. The other day, 15 grain carriers left the city in the Crimean direction. Melitopol traitors are actively helping the invaders.

Occupiers block entrances and exits

The enemy blocked the exit from Berdyansk from the side of Vasilyevka with concrete slabs. Hundreds of cars have been unable to move for several days – neither in one direction nor in the other. It is also reported that infidels will not give permission for the “green corridor” next week.

What is the situation in Zaporozhye

In the Zaporizhia direction, the enemy does not stop mortar and artillery shelling of the positions of the Defense Forces and civilian infrastructure in the areas of the settlements of Orekhov and Gulyaipole. However, our soldiers inflict losses on the Russian army in all directions and are ready for any changes in the operational situation.

On May 23, a Ukrainian National Guard hero shot down a Russian SU-25 Grach attack aircraft in one of the mission areas. It should be noted that this is the second time this month that a serviceman has shot down a Russian plane.

The “ruble” zone

Occupation administrations in the territories they have occupied are trying to introduce a “ruble” zone. In several occupied towns and villages of the Zaporozhye region, the Russians promise to give pensions and social benefits in rubles because of their collaborators. The pseudo-mayor of Berdyansk Saulenko also announced the switch to rubles.

Kidnapping of citizens

In the territories temporarily occupied by Russians, citizens of Ukraine continue to be stolen. They especially hunt for representatives of the legitimate Ukrainian authorities who refused to cooperate with the invaders. For example:

  • Recently, the enemy kidnapped the leaders of the Kirillovsky village council.
  • In addition, the head of the community, Ivan Maleev, was stolen from his own house.
  • After that Russians abducted his deputy Igor Korobko.

Pay attention! In mid-April, Ivan Maleev was already captured by the enemy.

And in Energodar, armed Russians broke down the door to the entrance and broke into to the apartment of the current head of the city, Dmitry Orlov. The invaders entered the house, knowing that the owners were long gone.

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