In Berdyansk, the car of collaborator Mamai, who was the first to make contact with the occupiers, exploded


The car of collaborator Mamai, who was the first to make contact with the invaders, exploded in Berdyansk

A car of a collaborator exploded in temporarily occupied Berdyansk. She was the first to start communicating with enemies after the capture of the city in Zaporozhye.

Mamai is one of the collaborators who organized a fake “referendum” and surrendered Ukrainian patriots to the enemy. Now retribution for her deeds has caught up with her.

What is known about the explosion of a collaborator's car in Zaporozhye

Another salute in honor of the traitors sounded in Berdyansk. A local lover of the “Russian world” Valentina Mamai received a warm “hello” in the form of an exploding car,” wrote the Mayor of Melitopol. p>

“Now she is in the hospital – shaking with fear for her life,” the official said.

He also posted a photo of the collaborator's car after the explosion.

Car collaborators from Berdyansk blew up/Photo from Ivan Fedorov's telegram

That's right, because the fireworks for collaborators are just beginning. So the traitors in Zaporozhye should get ready! – said Fedorov.

Local telegram channels said that Mamai was the first to contact the invaders and owns an animal shelter.

Russian propagandists confirmed the explosion of Mamai's car near the school. According to the preliminary information of the enemies, the collaborator herself was also in the car at the time of the explosion.

As of 17:00 on January 24, it is not known what condition Mamai is in.

Recent cotton in Berdyansk

  • Recently, on January 16, cotton was heard in Berdyansk. According to the head of the city military administration, Victoria Galitsina, there were approximately 3-5 explosions.
  • As a result of the explosions, one of the most famous local collaborators went to a concert in Kobzon. We are talking about traitor Aleksey Kichigin.
  • It is known that Kichigin was the so-called “head of the district administration.” The end of the collaborator also came due to a car explosion.

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