In Brazil, a man jumped into a lake to escape bees but was bitten by piranhas

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 In Brazil, a man jumped into a lake to escape bees, but was bitten by piranhas

Friends tried to save a man.

In the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, a 30-year-old man was eaten by piranhas while trying to escape a bee swarm .

According to the BBC.

< p> Three friends were fishing in the lake when suddenly a swarm of bees appeared. The men got scared and jumped into the lake to save themselves. Two of them sailed away safely, and the third began to sink. Unfortunately, friends could not help him.

Rescuers found the man's body four meters from the shore.

After the body was removed from the lake, it turned out that the fish had severely damaged it – piranhas ate the right side of the face and other parts of the body.

An investigation should establish whether the man died from being bitten by piranhas or from drowning.

Piranha is a small carnivore fish with a large mouth and many teeth. Her lower jaw is slightly forward, her teeth are bent back. As a rule, these fish move in large schools.

Recall that Lisa Ormundt from Decatur, Georgia, found in her house under the ceiling a giant colony of bees, numbering more than 100 thousand insects … Professionals came to her aid, made a hole in the ceiling and collected the bees in a special container to release them away from residential buildings.

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