In Bryansk, deputies wanted to include air defense costs in a communal apartment, but something went wrong


In Bryansk, deputies wanted to include air defense costs in a communal apartment, but something went wrong

In the Bryansk region of Russia, the deputies came up with the idea that it would be a good idea to include the cost of air defense in a communal apartment. However, later they said that they were useless and quickly “changed their shoes.”

Thus, the deputies of the Bryansk Regional Duma proposed to include part of the cost of air defense in the utility bills of the inhabitants of this Russian region. However, when it got publicized in the media, they quickly found a bunch of excuses.

Details of the incident

On March 10, a report on the results of the last meeting of the Duma Committee on Housing and Communal Services appeared on the website of the Bryansk Regional Duma. In particular, the website said that the deputies considered the “initiative” of State Duma member Andrey Kartapolov and proposed “working out a mechanism for implementing part of the costs of ensuring the operation of air defense systems to protect the region from terrorist attacks into utility payments for the population.”

They wanted to add air defense expenses to the communal apartment of citizens / Screenshot from the site

However, later, when this news spread to the media, the text of the report was quickly edited, and journalists were accused of disinformation. And then the officials of the Bryansk region learned such a wonderful thing as a webarchive. After all, a copy of the original text remained in the web archive – this is proof that such information really existed on the site.

Then they said that their site seemed to be broken by hackers and the page with the meeting report stopped opening at all.

Residents of Bryansk are trying to intimidate Ukrainian drones and DRG

  • On March 2, Russia announced that a Ukrainian DRG allegedly entered the region and fired at a school bus with children. Then the school bus disappeared somewhere and a car appeared. The “photo evidence” showed a battered old car without any traces of shelling and blood, which, obviously, should have been. Because, according to Russian propaganda, there were supposedly victims and wounded.
  • At the same time, Russia said that they had “driven the DRG” out of Russia and then covered it with artillery.
  • On March 3, local residents heard explosions near the Bryansk airport, a fire started nearby. The occupiers announced air defense and “the downing of a Ukrainian drone.” However, later information appeared that “the sound was due to a fighter passing the sound barrier.”

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