In Crimea, the invaders conduct searches in the homes of the Crimean Tatars: they want to accuse them of terrorism


Invaders search the homes of Crimean Tatars in Crimea: they want to accuse them of terrorism

The FSB conducted searches in temporarily occupied Crimea. They are taking place in the Dzhankoy district.

Thus, the FSB officers check the houses of the Crimean Tatars. As a result, they detained several men and took them to their department.

Searchs in the houses of Crimean Tatars

On January 24, from 4:00 am, Crimea continues new searches in the homes of Crimean Tatars. Residents of the Dzhankoy district report on the actions of the FSB at several addresses.

As it became known, searches are taking place in the homes of such Tatars:

  • Krosh Ekrem
  • Asanov Ayder
  • Seydametov Refat
  • Abdurazakov Osman
  • Zekiryaev Leman

Krosh Ekrem is the brother of the activist and political prisoner Enver Krosh.

According to Ekrem's relatives, at 3:57 Ekrem's wife called and said that they were knocking at the gate demanding to open it. After that, the connection disappeared.

Osman Abdurazakov is the brother of political prisoner Edem Bekirov from the Dzhankoy group.

Ekrem Krosh repairs and installs household appliances. Leman Zekiryaev and Osman Abdurazakov are builders.

Later, activists reported that searches were also ongoing in Dzhankoy near Mambetov Khalil.

Important! All six Crimean Tatars were detained and taken to the FSB headquarters in Crimea. However, the exact place of their stay is still unknown.

The Crimean Tatars are being searched/photo “Crimean Solidarity”

Detained Crimean Tatars may be accused of “terrorism”. This was told by the wife of one of the detainees – Ekrem Krosh – Amide. According to her, at least 10 armed Russian security officials came with a search at 4 am. Amide claims that they planted banned literature.

Please note that the Russian security forces have not publicly announced the searches in the Dzhankoy district.

Russians Crimean Tatars are being tortured in a pre-trial detention center

Recently, a member of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Eskender Bariev, said that in the temporarily occupied Crimea, the Russians do not stop persecuting local residents, as well as Ukrainians from the newly occupied territories. Detained citizens, including many Crimean Tatars, are being tortured in a pre-trial detention center.

Bariev noted that 256 people are in prison, of which 113 are representatives of the Crimean Tatar people. Thus, the invaders built a second pre-trial detention center in Simferopol, and also made boxes in which they keep people who are brought from the new occupied territories of Ukraine. At the same time, the occupiers do not provide information about these people.

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