In Dnipro, a military man opened fire and blew up grenades in an apartment


In Dnipro, a military man opened fire and detonated grenades in an apartment

An armed serviceman was detained in Dnipro. He blew up a grenade in the apartment and started shooting.

As a result, law enforcement officers opened three criminal proceedings. Now the attacker has been detained.

A soldier opened fire in Dnipro

As it became known, the KORD special forces detained a man who threw a grenade towards law enforcement officers, blew up two more ammunition in the apartment and started shooting. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

As a result, this attacker was detained. It turned out to be a 32-year-old serviceman who was wanted for the theft of weapons. He rented an apartment on Gagarin Avenue in Dnipro.

The man was detained. A Kalashnikov assault rifle and fragments of grenades were seized from the scene, the police said.

Criminal proceedings are open under the following articles:

  • on illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives,
  • hooliganism,
  • on encroachment on the life of an employee a law enforcement agency, a member of a public formation for the protection of public order and the state border, or a soldier.

A military attacker was detained in Dnipro/photo by the Main Directorate of the Police in the Dnipropetrovsk region

In Kyiv, a salesman opened fire in a shopping center

In December 2022, a woman from Kiev reported that she had heard sounds similar to shots in a store on Petra Vershigory Street. The police immediately arrived at the scene.

As it became known, a sudden conflict arose between the seller and the visitor of the store, during which the seller shot three times into the floor. As a result of hooligan actions, no one was injured. Witnesses of the incident and the victim prevented the offender from escaping, who held him until the police arrived.

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