In Donetsk, waitresses in a cafe sang the anthem of Ukraine: they were forced to apologize and fired


In Donetsk, waitresses in a cafe sang the anthem of Ukraine: they were forced to apologize and fired

Occupiers are terribly afraid of everything related to Ukraine. So the waitresses who sang the anthem in one of the cafes in temporarily occupied Donetsk literally drove them into a panic.

As you understand, the scandal arose against the background of the fact that two waitresses decided to perform the Ukrainian anthem in one of the cafes in occupied Donetsk. Not only did they do it, but they recorded a video and published it. Soon they were fired from their jobs, and the administration of the institution also forced them to apologize.

Sacked from work for the anthem of Ukraine

The situation once again demonstrates to us that which in Russia and in the temporarily occupied territories is called freedom of speech. Two girls, either for the sake of entertainment, or they have awakened love for the Motherland,performed the anthem of Ukraine. They did it during a shift in the establishment where they worked as waitresses.

The girls not only sang the anthem, but filmed this moment on video. They posted the video online, which made them popular. It also lost jobs. They were forcedto ask for forgiveness and also fired.Of course, they did it publicly. We made a video to humiliate little Ukrainian women as much as possible.

We want to apologize for the video taken this morning at work. We didn't mean to hurt anyone, nobody's feelings. This video does not have any political nature, – the girls noticed.

They are real smart people, because they said that were born, live and study in Donetsk, and love their city very much. No mention of a pseudo-republic. What can not be said about the administrator of the institution.

She noticed that the girls no longer work in the institution, because their point of view is not shared. Also, this kind of behavior is not encouraged. Moreover, law enforcement officers have already taken on the girls' parents.

I wanted to steal Lenin

Meanwhile, law enforcement officers have taken up a 42-year-old Russian who tried to steal Lenin's body. He wandered around the Mausoleum. He pulled the handle and wanted to get inside.

When he was detained, it turned out that he was drunk. The man couldn't string the two words together. But later he admitted that he tried to drag Lenin's body away. As it turned out later, for many years he sat down firmly on the bottle.

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