In Europe, COVID-death rate rises by 10% in a week – WHO

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In Europe, COVID deaths grew by 10% over the week & mdash; WHO

Europe is the only region with a steady increase in the incidence and deaths of COVID-19.

In Europe, over the past week, the number of new cases of COVID-19 infection has increased by 7%, and the number of deaths associated with the disease – by 10%.

This is evidenced by the data released on Wednesday, November 10, by the World Health Organization, writes The Associated Press.

It is noted that during this period, about 3.1 million new patients with coronavirus were registered in the world, which is about 1 % more than last week. Almost two thirds of them, namely 1.9 million, are in Europe.

So, Europe has become the only region with a steady increase in morbidity and mortality from COVID-19. “For the sixth week in a row, the virus has been spreading across the continent,” the report says.

The countries with the highest rates of new infections are the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Germany.

“The number of weekly deaths from COVID-19 has decreased by about 4% globally and has decreased in all regions except Europe , – continue in the publication. – Of the 61 countries that WHO includes in the European region, 42% reported a jump in the number of cases by at least 10%. “

Meanwhile, in the Americas, according to According to the WHO, the number of new weekly cases decreased by 5%, and the number of deaths by 14%.

In Southeast Asia and Africa, deaths from COVID-19 have decreased by about a third, despite the lack of vaccines in these regions.

As reported, the World Health Organization is ready to announce the end of the coronavirus pandemic, provided that the healthcare system is not overwhelmed. But the virus will not disappear, and the pandemic may become endemic (ed. – permanent existence in any territory of a certain, most often infectious, disease).

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