In front of everyone, the “second in the world” army was stopped and broken by the twenty-second


In front of everyone's eyes, the

The Russian army suffered a humiliating defeat from Ukraine/”Spiritual Front of Ukraine”

Following the results of the peace talks, I want to address the Russians. Guys, I think you've been fooled. Like suckers. As usual.

The naked “greatness” of the invaders

Your “operation” went “according to plan” all the way, but no one said what the plan was. You have been told for years that your army could erase Ukraine from the map of the world.

Putin at the beginning stated that he wanted “demilitarization”, “denazification” and the like. These requirements no longer exist. In the end, your troops stupidly got a sip and felled out from under Kyiv, pretending that this was not a flight, and that this was the plan.

Of the relatively large cities, your troops still control only part of Mariupol and Kherson. From the last they like to call in Chernobaevka. By the way, it's good there. This completes the list of successes of the sudden night full-scale invasion.

You may not believe our data on your losses, but you will also not be able to deny that there are much more of them than the officially announced several thousand. The Internet and telegrams are littered with photos of the remains of your military. Remains that no one even tries to take away. Because they came here with full dress uniforms to march in Kyiv. They were thrown, betrayed and deceived. Like all of you.

Unfortunately, Putin turned out to be a coward. Just a pathetic old, Botox impotent who is going bald and wanted to lie down in a mausoleum in a big country next to Lenin. And in the end he will lie down, like Kim Il Sung – in the poor and destitute.

I have lived this month in Kyiv and have already become accustomed to airborne alarms, ruptures and vibrations of the walls. There may be less of them now. And for my city, this will begin to become a thing of the past (not a fact, but let's see). But the consequences of the sanctions imposed on you will become fully felt for many years. And no one will remove them for a long time: neither state nor corporate.

Inaccessible target

Many of you sincerely believed that your army could take Kyiv and all of Ukraine. But the war exposed all the corruption, gouging and unsuitability of both your president and his naphthalene generals. The state and coherence of the army can often say more about the country than plots and presentations.

In front of the whole world, the army that you called the second in the world was stopped and broken by the twenty-second. And here neither the advantage in missiles and aircraft, nor the surprise of the attack helped.

During this month, the remnants of pro-Russian parties have closed in Ukraine, as there is no longer an electorate for them. It has become embarrassing to speak Russian, and many deliberately refuse it. Russia has lost the remnants of support. And children born in bomb shelters will never love you. And their children too. You have lost Ukraine to the end. Although 9 years ago there was a completely pro-Russian president here.

Now about the tanks that did not reach Kyiv. Your army has not been able to oppose anything to modern anti-tank systems, which are already in almost every village. Your army could not do anything with millions of people who decided that they had nowhere to retreat. You could not even take the surrounded Mariupol, cut off from the supply of not only ammunition and fuel, but even water and food.

All that the Kremlin could do was pump up its soldiers with propaganda and leave them to be slaughtered. No more. There are no other successes for the “special operation” and are not expected. And the picture that is being painted for you to cover up your military defeat does not convince even the most ardent among you. Just remember your expectations when it all started and compare with what happened. Have you tried? How are things?

The myth of the “empire” collapsed in a month

Today, as never before, one thing has become clear – Russia is weak, its president is weak, they speak to him from a position of strength and even without pity. Biden is already frankly saying that he does not care what your leader thinks about his words. And we still call him x*yl.

They laugh at you. You are driven from everywhere. It has become simply dangerous and shameful to have a Russian passport. As well as speaking Russian, wearing Putin T-shirts outside of a state that can hardly be called yours.

I am not writing this to get you in some kind of rebellion or even to speak out against it. You are not capable of it. You only, like a flock of gopota, can attack someone weaker in the alley. Except this time you got the wrong address. And this is only the beginning of your miserable and painful end. Just the beginning.

Your president has used all his military power and can do nothing to the former comedian. Consider this proposal. Realize how pathetic, weak and incapable of anything you are. They laugh at you. They scoff at you. The Russians began to be ashamed and humiliating. Get used to it. There will be more to come.

And one more thing. Many of you consider the outcome of the negotiations to be treason. Many people in Ukraine think the same way. And it is far from certain that the Ukrainians will even accept such a variant of agreements. And you will not do anything to us to force. You are weak. You are a disgrace to your grandfathers, of whom you boast so much.

They let you down and showed you a place under the bunk. You were not even given the choice of a bottle where you will sit for many more years. Good luck. And don't forget to turn off the lights at Sheremetyevo. You have already arrived.

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