In general, there is a discussion whether the real Putin is alive – GUR on the visit of the “head of the Kremlin” to Mariupol


In general, there is a discussion whether the real Putin is alive - GUR on the visit of the

On the night of March 19, the Russian dictator got out of his bunker and visited Mariupol, which had been defeated by his troops. However, after the very first frames, many experts had doubts about whether this was a double.

The fact that it was Vladimir Putin himself, and not a double, is also doubted by Ukrainian intelligence. In particular, Andrei Yusov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, spoke about this on the air of the telethon, writes Channel 24 .

Video from Mariupol – staging

He stressed that there is absolutely no evidence that the person in the frames of the Russian propaganda media was Putin. All that can be argued is that the man in the video did look like a Russian tyrant.

We usually see meetings of Vladimir Putin, the same one, at a long table at a huge distance from living people. One of his hands is trembling there, and many others are already characteristic features that characterize Putin himself well,” Andrey Yusov emphasized.

So it’s not even in the style of the Russian leader’s paranoia to personally walk around the evening cities and communicate with residents in the yards. This whole theatrical production was created only to show at least some hyperactivity of Putin, albeit feigned, against the backdrop of increasing isolation of Russia and the ruling regime.

Not the fact that Putin is still alive

Andrey Yusov also stressed that discussions are now underway in various expert environments whether Putin himself is still alive. However, even if “there is the same one in this assortment line”, then after the arrest warrant, after all war crimes and complete delegitimization, “the king is not real in any case.”

However, even if “this biological being” is still breathing, its regime is doomed anyway. At the same time, the criminals who brought great grief to Ukrainian lands must be held accountable.

And if it turns out that he is still alive, then there should not be a double at the tribunal, but he, – the intelligence representative emphasized.

Andrey Yusov is convinced that over time everyone will definitely recognize the use of false Putins in public. However, in his opinion, there is no evidence that the real Putin visited the Ukrainian temporarily occupied Mariupol.

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