In Germany, the “glass” man became a defender of the rights of people with disabilities

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In Germany, the

The study of a resident of Germany, 41-year-old Raoul Krauthausen is located in his apartment in Berlin. Since childhood, Raoul has been confined to a wheelchair due to a genetic disease: a rare pathology makes human bones as fragile as glass.

But despite the illness, Raul finds strength and defends not only his rights, but also helps people with disabilities around the world.

He has over 250 thousand subscribers on social networks. Raoul shoots funny and ironic videos, watching which, you understand that people like him know how to appreciate every minute of their lives.

“It's true that I am a person with humor,” says Raoul. “My videos are funny, because jokes and lightness of being help me to solve much more complex problems.”

His recent video, edited to the soundtrack from the movie “Back to the Future”, is especially popular with users of social networks. On it, Raoul walks up to a conventional oven, which is higher than him, and presses buttons, admitting that for people like him, starting the oven and setting the correct time on it is already a big step into the future.

All his plots are full of meaning. After graduating from the Berlin University of the Arts, Raoul uses social media to fight prejudice. And he speaks directly with his subscribers, telling, for example, how to properly talk with children about disability. In particular, when children, their mothers and fathers are pointed at him with a finger, he suggests saying the following: “This adult remained short for the same reason that you have blonde hair, not brown.”

Krauthausen founded an association with 26 employees. Together with the team, he launched a website that lists places in Germany where you can rent a wheelchair.

Raul also works as a commentator for one of the sports channels.

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