In Germany, there were massive protests against the new restrictive measures

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About 30 thousand Germans took to the streets against new antiquated measures

In Germany, there were massive protests against the new restrictive measures

Photo: Christian Mang / Reuters

In central and northern Germany, about 30,000 Germans took to the streets to protest new antiquated restrictive measures. This was reported by Deutsche Welle.

Major protests took place in Mecklenburg, Pomerania, Thuringia, Saxony and Bradenburg. The police opened criminal cases against the organizers of the rallies for violating the law on assemblies and processions in force in the country. Mass actions also took place in Berlin, but no serious riots or clashes were observed there.

Protests were organized against the new restrictive measures, which took effect on January 7. The rules for visiting restaurants, cafes and bars were tightened. Now, institutions across the country and regardless of the number of infected people will only allow those vaccinated and those who have recovered with a negative test or booster vaccination.

On December 29, 2021, the German Ministry of the Interior noted an increase in the radicalization of protests against “antiquated” restrictions in Germany. The briefing of the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany was held following the results of thousands of protests that took place on December 28 in many regions of Germany.

On December 20 last year, the German authorities announced that they plan to impose restrictions on social contacts for all citizens amid the spread of the omicron strain of the coronavirus. New epidemiological measures affected both vaccinated citizens and those who refused vaccination and had recovered from coronavirus infection.

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