In Jerusalem, an unidentified gunman fired at the synagogue: many dead and wounded


In Jerusalem, an unidentified man fired at the synagogue: many dead and injured

A terrorist started shooting in the Neve Yaakov area of ​​Jerusalem. He tried to escape, but he was killed by law enforcement officers.

Now we know about a minimum of 8 victims and another 10 wounded. Doctors provide assistance to the survivors.

Details of the tragedy

The incident occurred on the evening of January 27 near the synagogue. Dozens of law enforcement officers are at the scene of the tragedy. They found a gun that probably killed people. The police are looking for those involved in the attack.

We saw a woman and 4 men lying on the road. They received gunshot wounds and showed no signs of life, and we had to immediately confirm their death, – said paramedic Fadi Dekydek.

He noted that among the wounded was a 70-year-old woman. She was hospitalized in critical condition.

“We know how to act during this. Unfortunately, we cannot forget the attacks, and we relive each one anew. Now is the time to act professionally,” – added medic.

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