In Kharkov, a saleswoman refused to serve a Ukrainian-speaking client

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In Kharkov, a saleswoman refused to serve a Ukrainian-speaking client

In Kharkiv, a kiosk saleswoman refused to serve a Ukrainian-speaking client. The customer Oksana Khvilya herself told about this on Facebook, she also posted a video of the incident.

Khvilya said that she actively advocates expanding the use of the Ukrainian language, so she came up with a life hack: when she comes to the store, a woman specifically communicates with sellers only in Ukrainian. In particular, if the seller asks to look for a trifle, but addresses her at that moment in Russian, then she always replies that she is looking for a trifle only for those who speak Ukrainian.

According to Khvili, sellers usually treat with understanding and switch to the Ukrainian language, but one saleswoman “burst out”. “She started shouting that I should go to Banderstadt, that she is Russian, she came from Russia, and there will be no Ukrainian [language] here. She took back the package with the goods and threw me a hundred hryvnia. To say that I got fucked up is to say nothing, ”the woman shared.

Earlier it became known that the secretariat of the ombudsman for the protection of the state language of Ukraine Taras Kremen accused the Ukrainian TV channels Inter, Ukraine, ICTV, Mega, NTN and K1 of violating the law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as state “. Six TV channels were caught showing films and serials in Russian. The Inter channel aired the TV series The Investigation and Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in a non-state language, and the Mega channel broadcast the Mystical Ukraine and Secret Territories series.

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