In Kyiv, a 5-month-old boy lived in a cellar: new details from the police and mother


In Kyiv, a 5-month-old boy lived in a cellar: new details from the police and mother

Law enforcement officers seized a 5-month-old child from a mother who actually lived in a cellar in Pechersk. They also subsequently published the woman's story, which states that she, in addition, had 2 more children and problems with alcohol.

On Thursday, March 23, the police published a message stating that a 36-year-old woman is raising a newborn child in unsanitary conditions on Boychuk Street in the capital. The boy was taken from his mother. Also the next day, new details of this case appeared.

Note that the social story about mother Nadezhda (not her real name) was prepared by the specialists of the Center for Social Services for everyone who cares. As they noted, the woman herself comes from the Dnipropetrovsk region, has been an orphan since the age of 2, but lived in the family in care.

The woman had several men from whom she gave birth to children. During a conversation with her, it was found that the first child is raised and fully provided by the ex-husband, he does not even communicate with them. The second child was taken under guardianship by her relative, and Nadezhda herself was deprived of parental rights (there were grounds), the report says.

It is known that Nadezhda gave birth in the maternity hospital of the city of Kyiv, located in the Pechersk district. Employees of the institution immediately noticed that the woman had problems with the use of alcoholic beverages and drugs.

Note! During the conversation, Nadezhda said that she had been living in Kyiv for 7 years. She does not want to go home, but there is neither housing nor relatives in the capital, and therefore she lives with a roommate with his friend in a hostel. He did not refuse the child.

It should be said that the specialists of the relevant services provided a range of social services to Nadezhda, in particular psychological support, she had just given birth, and also offered her temporary housing – a social apartment.

The mother stated that through the antenatal clinic of the Pechersky district she had an agreement with the Poltava rehabilitation center for mother and child. In early October, volunteers took Nadezhda there.

Important! Nadezhda and her son were in a rehabilitation center from the beginning of October 2022 to March 16, 2023.

Already on March 22, caring people called the center of social services and reported that they had seen a mother with a 5-month-old baby on Boychuk Street. There she lived in a cellar in complete unsanitary conditions, without communications.

The little boy lived in unsanitary conditions / Photo by the police of the Kiev region

The woman told the experts her story, bluntly stating that she had fled the rehabilitation center from the Poltava region because there were internal regulations. Let's say that each member of the center had responsibilities and could use a mobile phone only during the allotted hours.

According to Nadezhda, it is clear that the specialists of the center helped to issue a birth certificate for a newborn son, a declaration with a pediatrician, examined her, the source says.

At the same time, it is noted that the baby was not groomed properly. Nadezhda said that she was not nice to the boy, but wiped him with wet wipes. In addition, she fed the child with baby cereals only when she found boiled water that people brought.

The police stressed that during a long conversation with Nadezhda and the search for ways to solve her problems, she herself said that she did not want and could not continue to raise her son. The woman directly noted that, “probably, it would be better for her son,” after that she wrote a statement about abandoning the child.

I was told to look for a job. I want my child back. If they don’t return the child to me, then I’ll be honest – I’ll go fight, hang myself, ”she also said in a comment to TSN

A mother with a 5-month-old son lived in a cellar / Photos of the police

Recall to this topic that not so long ago the police reported that in the city of Cherry, a mother threw her 2-month-old baby out of a window on the 5th floor. As Andriy Nebitov, head of the Kyiv region police, noted, it is possible that the woman had postpartum depression.

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