In Kyiv there was an installation of the trial of the defenders of “Azovstal”


Installation of court over defenders of Azovstal appeared in Kyiv

An installation of a trial for the heroes of Mariupol in the form of a cage was installed in the capital. It was there that the defenders of Azovstal were on the stage of the Mariupol Philharmonic.

The installation was opened on the evening of August 23 in front of the Kyiv City Council. This was reported by the Association of Families of Azovstal Defenders.

Project details

The Association of Families of Azovstal Defenders, together with Vladislav Korenko's charitable foundation “24.02. UA” and the independent creative agency TSD agency, created the installation Free Azovstal defensaers in Kyiv, the message says.

Russian invaders announced a show trial over the captured defenders of “Azovstal” on August 24. The soldiers of Mariupol are kept in cages, as evidenced by the photos of the invaders. That is why the installation looks like this.

“It is designed to make everyone feel what our heroes will experience in such a cage,” said the Association of Protector Families.

Court trial installation appeared in Kyiv over the defenders of

Installation of the trial of the soldiers of Mariupol/Photo by the Association of Families of Defenders of Azovstal

Relatives of the captives urged everyone who sees the cage to photograph it and post it on social networks on hashtag #FreeAzovstalDefenders . Under the photos, world leaders, international organizations and the media should be noted.

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