In London, a Russian woman did not want to sell a Cartier engagement ring: funny video


Russian woman in London refused to sell Cartier engagement ring: funny video

While a full-scale war has been going on in Ukraine for 11 months, Russians abroad still pretend not to understand anything. Therefore, funny videos sometimes appear on the net, where Russian citizens complain about the “decaying West”, where they themselves live.

This happened to a Russian woman in London, who tried to buy a ring from Cartier. By the way, the branded ring costs 14 thousand pounds sterling.

The jewelry was not sold because of nationality

Russian blogger, while in London, decided to make a purchase at Harrods. However, the Russian woman's shopping was unsuccessful. They didn’t want to sell a Cartier ring to a woman because she is Russian.

I just fucked up, yesterday they didn’t sell me a ring because I’m Russian,” noted blogger.

As they say, trouble does not come alone. The Russian woman complained that the transaction did not go through in another store, because the Revolute bank has a payment limit of 6 thousand pounds.

Attention, foul language! The Russians did not sell the ring because of their nationality: watch the video 18+

The Russian woman also added that she would do UAE residency, “because she simply cannot bear to be without a card.”

Other problems of Russians because of the war

  • The leaders of the “Council of Mothers and Wives” Olga Tsukanova issued a summons to the investigator in the case of discrediting the Russian army. She said that she had “more than 700 statements from the mothers of the missing prisoners, as well as conscripts,” which they were going to submit on January 23 to the military prosecutor's office and the prosecutor general's office in Moscow, but “they are not allowed out of the Samara region.”
  • In the Russian capital, air defense is installed on administrative buildings. Thus, it is known about the installation of at least 3 Pantsir-S1 complexes in the city center, as well as not far from the residence of the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin.
  • Russia's super-profits from the sale of expensive oil and gas have ended. With the fall in fuel prices, the inflow of foreign currency into the aggressor country decreased, and in December it fell to a meager level.

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