In Lviv, 53 more streets will be renamed, the names of which are associated with Russia


53 more streets associated with Russia will be renamed in Lviv

53 streets in Lviv want to be renamed/Channel 24 Collage

Across the country, place names associated with Russia, the Soviet Union or their figures continue to be renamed. In particular, the list of streets that should change their names was approved in Lviv. It has 53 points.

The list was approved on May 24 by a special working group of the Lviv City Council. It includes city officials, historians, university professors and scientists. At first, the list of toponyms to be renamed included 30 items, but at the meeting it was expanded to 53.

Which streets should be renamed in Lviv

In the city of Lvov:

  • Botkin,
  • Bryullov,
  • Venetsianova,
  • Vrubel,
  • Herzen,
  • Glinka,
  • Dagestan,
  • Zhukovsky,
  • Kozlanyuk,
  • Komarov,
  • Korolenko,
  • Koryakskaya,
  • Kurilskaya,
  • Melnichuk,
  • Mendeleev,
  • Mikhalchuk,
  • Nekrasov,
  • Pavlov,
  • Perov,
  • Ryleev ,
  • Rossi,
  • Sechenov,
  • Tolstoy,
  • Tchaikovsky,
  • Chekhov,
  • Chuvashskaya,
  • Sheremety,
  • Kovalevskoy,
  • Lobachevsky,
  • Zasyadko,
  • Kibalchich,
  • Filatov,
  • Aivazovsky,
  • Zhemchuzhnikova,
  • Skripnik,
  • Brother,
  • Liberation,
  • Metalworkers,
  • Factory,
  • Pobedonosnaya,
  • Shumsky.

Some streets in:

  • Vinniki – Gagarin, Zhukovsky, Zasyadko, Lermontov, Tsiolkovsky, Dolganik,
  • Rudny – Gagarin, Korolenko, Mendeleev, Nevsky, Marchenko,
  • Podryasny – Michurin (SC “Sokol”).

What's next

The list agreed upon by the working group should be considered by the deputies of the city council at the session. When they agree on it, a special commission will consider renaming options.

New names for Lviv streets will be chosen, taking into account the location, historical context and public opinion. Now the working group has already received more than 100 proposals from the townspeople with different options.

According to the city council, the renaming of the streets does not oblige Lviv residents living on them to change their documents. However, entrepreneurs will still have to obtain new documents.

Streets, monuments and metro stations will also be renamed in Kyiv

De-Russification is gaining momentum in the Ukrainian capital. First Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration Mykola Povoroznik said that the discussion on renaming metro stations, streets and other toponyms continues in Kyiv. He aptly remarked that “we have enough of our heroes”, and they deserve more to be named after streets, squares and parks.

In particular, in early May, Ukrainians chose new names for the capital's metro stations . This was done with the help of online voting, which was attended by more than 170 thousand people.

Based on its results, it was determined that the Ukrainians would like to rename the station like this:

  • “Beresteiska” to “Buchanskaya”,
  • “Leo Tolstoy Square” to “Vasily Stus”,
  • “Heroes of the Dnieper” to “Heroes of Ukraine”,
  • “Minskaya” to “Varshavsk”,
  • “Friendship of Peoples” to “Botanicheskaya”.

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