In Lviv, everyone is offered to sink the cruiser “Moskva”: funny video


In Lvov, everyone is offered to sink the cruiser Moskva: a funny video

Despite the gruesome military reality, Ukrainians do not lose their spirit and humor. And at the same time, they do not forget about the exploits of the defenders, who drive the occupiers further and further every day.

An interesting aquarium exhibit has been installed in the Lviv Museum of Science. It is dedicated to perhaps the most famous ship in Russia.

In Lvov, you can sink the “Moskva”

Exactly the ship, at the mention of which in your head a catchphrase immediately arises, which, at the beginning of a full-scale war, in particular, also supported morale.

Now, everyone can sink this cruiser with their own hands, as our defenders did before near Snake. Rumor has it that you can watch the action of this exhibit forever.

Note that users liked this exhibit. They began to distribute a funny video with him on social networks.

So anyone who wants to cheer himself up can sink “Moskva” in Lviv on any day of the week on Stryiska Street, 200a from 10:00 to 20:00.< /p>

Let's note that people in telegram channels admire this idea, and some, for clarity, suggest putting more fish there and installing sailors from bread for them.

What is the famous cruiser “Moskva”.< /strong> This is the same cruiser that, on the first day of a full-scale invasion, offered the military of Ukraine on the Serpent Island to lay down their arms and surrender. However, the defenders, realizing the full scale of the possible consequences, sent him in a certain direction. He walked to him for a couple of months and in April he finally reached his destination.

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